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Sit down, take the weight off your feet. Take a sip of your favourite beverage and feel free to browse my page. Why not have a custard cream, a Rich Tea biscuit or two.

Here you will find:
The Manics
The Clash
The Smiths
The cure
Siouxsie and the banshees
Joy Division
The Velvet Underground
And many MANY more that I hope you will enjoy.
My name is Rosy, i'm from England and I love music and drawing all over things. If you like the manics then I like you! Message me because i'd love to talk :)

Enjoy your stay.

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Double dose of unconditional love!


I’m making this stained glass tree-ish tea light lamp for part of my art gcse and it’s almost finished, what do you think?

It’s basically my first try at anything like this. I’ve made a stained glass open trinket box before but this is a whole other level.

It’s a bit rough, i know, but i’m neatening it out when i get more solder. The silver parts (the solder) i am planning on staining with a dark patina, so the silver will eventually be an almost black colour. I’m also going to wind some twisted copper wire around the trunk to look like vines and stuff.



Echo and the Bunnymen shots - Ocean Rain


Descendents | Weinerschnitzel

you're really beautiful. damn i really want your face ;_; i hope you have a great day <3


Oh thats sweet :) message me if you want, I don’t bite x

You can tell a lot by someone by what music they listen to. Put your iPod, iTunes or media player on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs. One rule: no skipping. Tag 10 people when done. I was tagged by: riffiend

1) La La Love you - The pixies
2) Medicine Bottle - Red house painters
3) Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop
4) creep - Stone Temple Pilots
5) Hanging On the Telephone - Blondie
6) Heretic - Soundgarden
7) Revolution Rock - The Clash
8) High - The Cure
9) She is a New Thing - The Horrors
10) Hey Joni - Sonic Youth
11) Fascination Street - The cure
12) Lose You Tonight - HIM
13) Heroin - The Velvet Underground
14) Lounge Act - Nirvana
15) The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana MTV unplugged
16) Violet - Hole
17) Faster - Manic Street Preachers
18) Shiny Happy People - REM
19) Because the Night - Patti Smith
20) Darklands - Jesus And Mary Chain
21) Rooster - Alice In Chains
22) Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam
23) Son of a Gun - The Vaselines
24) Death on the Stairs - The Libertines
25) Flesh into Gear - CKY


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